Saturday, 18th September 2010

(Will work only on the internal IITK network)
Package of Practices APK

Monday, 10th May 2010

I got this e-mail a week ago...


My name is Sandeep Soni.I had been to IIT kanpur this year during the
Techkriti Festival where I attended the FOSSkriti seminars.

I distinguishably remember the seminar (or rather an informal
informative session) on Google Summer of Code that you delivered.

Inspired by your own experience about GSoC and open source
development, I applied for GSoC this year and fortunately have cleared
the first hurdle of getting selected. I will be working on the project
titled "Development of GIMPLE FE" under GCC organization mentored by
Diego Novillo for the Summer.

I have to thank you for giving that invaluable talk.I sincerely tried
to follow all the advice that you gave in that talk and am happy to
have been inducted into Summer of Code.I also mentioned your name in
the field about the source from which I first came to know about GSoC.
Although Its been only a week now into the schedule and I have not
even started coding, I have already begun to sense why you have been
so passionate about GSoC and Open source Development.I hope that the
coming days be fruitful and successful for me as they must have been
for you.


Very frankly, I don't remember Sandeep from the crowd. But what this has made him achieve, makes me very very proud. Even though I did not get through GSoC 2010, I consider this as an equivalent success. Best of luck, Sandeep!

Friday, 2nd April 2010

A while ago, I found That's right, the Ubuntu SABDFL has confirmed that the new OS X style window title bar button placement, is here to stay. In response, the following theory was proposed by nirbheek on #hackers-india (now on

< nirbheek> Step 1: Make incredibly lame decision which is utterly stupid, without reason, and actually backwards
< nirbheek> Step 2: Refuse to listen to people when they tell you so
< nirbheek> Step 3: Retract parts of the lame decision so that what you actually wanted from the start is done, i.e. mac-style button-placement
< nirbheek> Step 4: Everyone goes "Oh thank god"

Canonical, we know what you're doing.

Friday, 19th February 2010

Adobe’s Flash has always had a love-hate relationship with the Internet community. On one end, it allowed web publishers to display beautiful, interactive (and sometimes garish) animated content on their websites. On the other end, it crashed browsers, leaked memory and irritated a lot of people. However, its popularity has still been not shaken by other alternatives, like Microsoft’s Silverlight.

I have personally seen and admired a lot of Drupal websites with Flash powered content. Notable ones have been Mission Metallica ( and Leadel ( However, The power and flexibility of the Drupal and Flash combo shouldn’t intimidate you anymore. Travis Tidwell’s “Flash with Drupal” from Packt Publishing is an amazing step by step guide for your journey.

I’m not a very experienced Flash or ActionScript programmer myself. However, just the initial chapters of the book were enough to give me a confidence boost. This isn’t as hard as it seems after all! The book succinctly covers the use of various contributed modules over its 350+ pages. It goes through the trickeries of asynchronous programming and REST. It takes you through the most asked questions around Drupal: Views, CCK, audio and video widgets etc. That said, this is not an introduction to Drupal. In fact, if you’re just starting out with Drupal, this book is not for you. The author assumes you’re comfortable with Drupal and its concepts. You should know your way in and out of Drupal. Not ready? Get hold of Packt’s “Building Powerful and Robust Websites with Drupal 6”.

Flash seems to be feeling the heat with HTML5, but until that happens and cross-browser support stabilizes, Flash isn’t going anywhere. Now with this book, I expect to see a rise in the Flash and Drupal combination and more powerfully delivered content.

(Note: I was sent a free copy of the book by Packt for a review.)

Tuesday, 17th November 2009

Here's the Almost Monokai theme (based on the original Monokai) that I recently ported to Xcode. 5 minute job, but I like it already :-)

Almost Monokai for Xcode

Monday, 9th November 2009

I'm looking for fellow open source Mac programmers from India. Is there anybody out there?