Sunday, 27th September 2009

A couple of weeks ago, Facebook introduced a "lighter, faster alternative" called Facebook Lite. Though initially, it was aimed at users from countries with slow internet connections and marginal broadband penetration (like India :-) they soon realized a lot of people liked the Lite way of working. I agree, Lite is fast and slick, but it doesn't have apps >:) That to me at least was a major switch point.

I was one of those "privileged souls" who had the good fortune to beta test Facebook Lite. So I can switch to Lite if I use the URL or use the full thingy if I go to But, ever since Facebook finally rolled out Lite to sections of users across India (dunno if they did so elsewhere as well), the users who accepted the "Try Facebook Lite" message can *NOT* go back.

People (including my sister and hordes from college :-p) have tried to manually change the URL to, tried to check account settings, tried flaming the Lite fan page (see below), tried doing everything plainly possible without any avail. Tried logging in again but it just redirects to Oh, and no official word from Facebook on this yet. Are you listening, Facebook?

Facebook Lite FAIL on their fan page thread

Sunday, 19th July 2009
Stranger: where are the bodies
     You: they are right here.
     You: you may look at them
Stranger: what are you planning
     You: I think I should dispose them
     You: if found, i could be in trouble
Stranger: why did you kill them
     You: i had to! 
     You: I HAD TO!
     You: I was meant to kill them! That's my purpose!
Stranger: where are you
     You: Its a secret, I can't tell you
     You: the others know about this already?
Stranger: it's been in 4chan
Stranger: we're currently tracking you down
     You: oh no.
     You: this is not right!
Stranger: you can't run
Stranger: don't run
     You: i can't run
     You: you can't find me
Stranger: we will need to
Stranger: it's called justice

-- Your conversational partner has disconnected.

Tuesday, 26th May 2009

[18:59]         sid0 : lut4rp: well everyone knows that drupal sucks, so...
[18:59]          jai : yes
[18:59]          jai : but their community is awesome
[19:00]          jai : contributors are insanely motivated
[19:00]          jai : to the point of nausea

jai (GSoC 2009 student and FFmpeg developer) and sid0 (GSoC 2008 student, Mozilla developer and intern) during a random rant on Drupal caching and the bot module.

Sunday, 24th May 2009

I'd really call this a hack :-)

Saturday, 23rd May 2009

I’ve been using ZNC for the past two weeks now, and its awesome. In fact, I like it far more that a screen + irssi combination, and the recently-getting-popular Quassel core + client combination. So what’s so nice about ZNC? Its an IRC bouncer.

The advantage, you ask? I can use any client to connect to my ZNC `instance`. Yes! So I can use Colloquy (if I’m on my dad’s MacBook) or irssi if I’m on my own notebook. Lets go slightly technical now... ZNC runs as a daemon on a remote machine (say, your VPS?) on a port you specify (say 8888). It has these super easy settings where you specify what IRC network(s) you want to connect to. Then you press the Big Red Button. Now, the next time you want to connect to IRC, you don’t connect to the IRC network, you connect to your.server.address:8888. Push in your server password and vala! Your client will automatically join the servers and channels you had set up! Talk about smartness, eh?

And no, the phun doesn’t stop there. There are tons of modules available (and Mr. h4x0r can write his own in C++ or Perl or Tcl) which allow even smarter stuff. You can setup multiple users (each with their own modules and configuration) within the same ZNC instance. Users can have encrypted buffers and logs. No need to SSH to the server to change configurations every time (gasp!), you can control everything via a /query! Its everything you need, and more. Get it from

Thursday, 30th April 2009

From someone already acclaimed as quite awesome, came this nice (yaay) Lullabot t-shirt today! Hugs, hugs and more hugs to Addi! Thank you!

Lullabot t-shirt