Friday, 24th April 2009

As per the road map to World Domination, the Universe has come together and handed me this totally brilliant opportunity to be a part of Google Summer of Code 2009. After much jubilation and happiness, I figured I have a responsibility to thank some very special people who helped me reach this point, and here they are in no apparent order :-)

- my mum and dad (and perhaps, sister) for raging an unending battle against my obsession for everything geek. And in process, pushing me to my limits :-)
- dear friend, co-drupal-evangelist, co-contributor, co-have-phun-everywhere Gurpartap, who has been a major source of inspiration in my contributions to Drupal.
- my mentor, Simon Roberts (lyricnz), for supporting Vote Up/Down even before I had thought of GSoC.
- countless IRC channel inhabitants from navya, linux-india and drupal for all the pointless talks (which do turn useful at times)

... and a hearty congrats and ^5 to the other 100 awesome participants this year from India. We rock!

Wednesday, 15th April 2009
Friday, 27th February 2009

Announcing the first edition of the great Delhi Drupal Meetup! DDM1 will be held on 1st March 2009 at IIT Delhi (Block II, LT1) 1PM onwards. This isn't going to be a beginner meetup, we're going to try and hack some code (module or a theme). We even have prizes for best on-the-spot module and theme!
Please carry your laptop with a Drupal development environment with you.

For all the other details, and to sign up for the meetup, visit
See ya there!

Tuesday, 24th February 2009

For everyone to take note - if you receive a link from an IM contact that points to a website called please don't open it. It will ask you for your Gtalk user name and password. Once you do that, it smartly IMs all your contacts with tinyurls pointing to You'll go crazy defending hundreds of questions on why you sent them this link, what it contains etc.

Smart business spam it is, but a total pain. DONT OPEN IT! >:o

For all those who already did enter their passwords, you'll be forced to change your password by Google, the next time you log in to Gmail. Even if you don't, I suggest you change your password ASAP. As far as the reports are concerned, data has not been compromised by the site.

Sunday, 1st February 2009

Come 12th February, and IIT Kanpur will hold FOSSkriti (under its Techkriti technical festival's banner). As the name quite well puts it, FOSSkriti deals with all Free and Open Source Software. And this time in 2009, we'll see workshops and sessions on Mozilla technologies, HTML 5, Sahana, YUI and yes, Drupal!

Me and Gurpartap will be leading a Drupal sprint on 13th February, 10PM onwards, focussed on Drupal 7 Usability. For those who follow the Drupal community, know that a formal D7 usability testing will be conducted at the University of Baltimore, 10 days before Drupalcon DC starts. We hope to help out the Usability team by reviewing and hacking on their patches before the formal testing begins. Also, we will be helping new contributors learn their way around and explain how the Drupal core machinery works :-) After all, even something as awesome as Drupal needs thousands of man-hours of work before it ships!

To participate in the sprint, you need:

  • A computer with any CVS client (*nix people have CVS, Windows has TortoiseCVS)
  • Some knowledge of PHP and MySQL (more than hello-world ;-)
  • An interest in Drupal!
  • Willingness to hack and pursue world domination.

We hope the hackathon is a great success and hope you have tons of fun! Do join us if you can!

Friday, 30th January 2009

What is the value of 500 Rupees in today's world? (approx. USD 10)
This video by Open Space India attempts to show the vast inequality in people's thinking and beliefs today. Watch it. (Thanks to Mohit for sharing this with me.)