Sunday, 24th August 2008

Google Trends and Google Insights are two Google sites, which I personally feel, use the massive Google database for a very interesting purpose. Even though Google is very careful about its privacy policy and all (after all, they don't want a Gmail-privacy-issue retake), what I recently noticed is interesting...

A Gartner report recently said that the Linux market share was _not_ 1% after all! Its reportedely around 4%. Now, this was a sudden source of joy to many Linux users and this article was 'dugg' some 600 times...
If we do a comparison of Linux, Windows and Mac on Google Trends, we find that the trend for Linux searches in heading downward. Now, before anybody jumps to conclusion, let me make it clear these are just "search trends". As I can think of, this can be because:
- People know more of Linux, and need to search less on it now.
- People search for specific 'distros' instead, like Ubuntu or Fedora etc. as compared to 'linux' itself.

Maybe this shows nothing, or maybe something. But, then that's the fun, isn't it? Just my 2 bytes!

Monday, 9th June 2008

I just saw, has changed! It's coming closer!

UPDATE: Openmoko Freerunner has long been released now, its priced at 20,000 INR in India, available from IDA Systems, Jaipur.

Saturday, 19th April 2008

See this image, and you shall know, why Macs are kinda like Gods, and why you never, ever, do the stupid mistake of using a PC when a couple of Macs are around...

Saturday, 12th April 2008

* kakashi_ puts a ball in the ground
* lut4rp takes the ball, moves towards the goal
* kakashi_ kicks the ball
* lut4rp tackles kakashi_ and takes control of the ball again
* lut4rp sees an empty goal post ahead
* kakashi_ gives a shoulder push and lut4rp falls down
* lut4rp stands up and shouts %@%#!!@#
* lut4rp sets mode -e lut4rp
* You are now known as TheGreatReferee
[TheGreatReferee] kakashi_, you have been given a red card
[TheGreatReferee] kakashi_, leave the channel
[TheGreatReferee] NOW
[lut4rp] muhahaha
[kakashi_] bleh
* lut4rp takes ball and shoots

Thursday, 10th April 2008

// Following is a demonstration of how excessive power ruins the human mind
// This is a true incident, taken from the #windows-india IRC channel... Not a joke!

*** Hobbes` gives channel operator status to Sup3rkiddo
[Sup3rkiddo] WTF!
[Hobbes`] yay!!!!
[Sup3rkiddo] i am na op!!!
*** HereBeDragon (n=HereBeDr@ has joined #windows-india
[HereBeDragon] :D
[Hobbes`] Sup3rkiddo this is windows! everyone is admin!
*** WarDragon (i=war2@pdpc/supporter/active/War2) has joined #windows-india
*** graydot (n=jsemmanu@ has joined #windows-india

Monday, 7th April 2008

It was an eventful day today, with the after effects of my fscked up results of 3rd semester starting to fade away from my memory. It was eventful on what I call my home on IRC, ##linux-india.
I dare say I would be wrong if I say this is the channel to be in if you're from India, and you're a free software hacker/activist. The place is full of insane geeks and d(a)emons who want to lie around, laze, rant on every possible topic under the sun, chill out etc. Which is why, when I began encountering some funny rambles today at the channel, that my brain hit something...

Taking inspiration from, I have decided to start the "The Linux India IRC Rant Show". Its very similar to what does, except that I will post only from #l-i. I will also accept submissions from other users as well. To protect privacy, and because it isn't allowed to publicly log #l-i, I will change nicknames. Here's the master plan once more...

The Linux India IRC Rant Show
Submissions? ping me at pratulkalia+irc [at] gmail [dot] com
Better idea or suggestion? again, pratulkalia+irc [at] gmail [dot] com

Let's rock!