Thursday, 23rd June 2011

(This is a very personal post. You may not like it. I wrote it because I felt like it.)

As much as I despise the word and the objectification it brings to the minds of people, I've never had a "girlfriend". Some people find that stupid, some people find it horrifying and some people give reactions that lead me to believe I'm not part of a very cultured society.

I've always been very social, perhaps extremely social if you consider me a part of the "computer geek" community. Our kind doesn't really believe in person-to-person meetings. But I've always had a large group of friends and I like to meet new people. No, I don't always like to sit in front of a computer. Yes, you can call me strange.

I've always known so many brilliant and awesome people, that I never found the need to have a female companion. Life is always interesting. But sadly, that's a major point people throw at me, "What do you do when you're bored? Don't you feel like hanging out with someone?". Uh, no. Never felt bored enough that I'd want to hang out with a girl. In fact, why would I want to hang out with a girl only when bored? Over the years, friends have given me "advice" on why I've never had a girlfriend. Some of the responses have been…
- "You're too nice"
- "You're too geeky"
- "You think too much"
- "You're too thin"
- "You don't have a bike!!! You don't have a car?!?!!!"

You get the flow.

Societal norms are the least of my concerns and peer pressure is a joke. But I've had my share of (albeit rare) girls who I have really liked. Evidently, none of them ever got converted to the "relationship" state. The major reason I would attribute that to is my experiences at school. Studying at DPS for almost a decade teaches you more about this stuff than any other education. School had a very open environment, kids came from varying family backgrounds and I saw too many people get together and "break" up. The whole tearjerker saga. It made me apprehensive of getting into a relationship with someone just for the sake of it. My friends are those who I get along with all the time, who I can bank upon. Whenever, I'd want a girl like that. Friend first, everything else later. Somehow, this was a very, VERY hard concept for people to understand. Still is and I don't see why. Hell, there's an entire concept around that idea (Remember friend-zoning?).

So the next time someone asks me the damn question again, you know where they are going to get pointed to.